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jewelry designer

Corinne Reinsch

My creations are born through my passion, my joy, my desire to sublime matterʼs magic.

For now more than twenty years, wood, glass, unexpected muzzles from champagne corks assemble in a poetic alchemy into high-fashion jewelry and special event dresses.




Event Dresses

Event Dresses

Stars Jewelry

Stars Jewelry

Art Works

Art Works

3 unique styles of jewels

3 unique styles of jewels

Striking, surprising, earrings, pins, necklaces, hair accessories, bracelets, rings, belt buckles or ladies shoes are part of her artistic imprint that can be seen through three trends :

Nature based on plants

Tournure with various components

Couture with precious materials

  • Nature

    A plant based collection.

  • Tournure

    A various components based collection.

  • Couture

    A precious materials based collection.

"PERFUME" Jewels

The AMPHORE model, composed d'une of a matrix fashioned in olive wood, rosewood or violet wood by a craftsman. Dressed by my champagne muzzles with 3 gold color to choose from, the jewel allows you to carry your personal perfume in any occasion. Each model is unique and signed.
The TOUT-A-SOI model, composed of a champagne muzzle matrix, with 3 gold color to choose from, intended to receive a vaporizer of your personal perfume. The jewel is modular, sometimes as a pendant, sometimes as a key ring or as a brooch.


  • Kristin Marion

    Trained in vocal jazz in France and in the United States for many years, she sang with great International and French names of Jazz. After several albums, she became in August 2014, the official representative of France's Jazz Education Network (USA).

    „Kristin Marion is the ambassador for the unique collection of Jazz and Fashion jewelery.“

    Beautiful artistic collaboration with Kristin MARION for her new CD entitled "FRENCHMENT JAZZ" with 10 unreleased songs that she asked me to symbolize by creating 10 unique jazzy jewels !
    Launch of the project this summer from 15 to 19 August 2017 at the Imperial Palace in Annecy.

    Kristin Marion

  • Mary Petrich

    Saxophonist of international renown, her latest album, "MURMURATION" unleashes Mary's instrumental universe both challenging and accessible. Mary’s tenor and soprano saxophone leads are sparse but profound as she speaks volumes through each solo.

    „For me I like to not repeat experiences if possible, to have a different experience every time I go out and play. The possibility of unconditional freedom means a lot to me.“

    I met Mary PETRICH during a trip to Phoenix, I love her music, her personality and her musical commitment, she loves my jewelry.
    We share the same passion : the art of the innovative !

    Mary Petrich