A committed and responsible artist !



We have seen the chocolate lady, now we have the champagne lady covered in 1200 muzzles which cover the corke of the champagne bottle, dress that is straight out of my imagination because I blow the corks to combine Fashion , Fine arts and Lasting developpement.

Originiting from the Lorraine region in France, I remember to have been, since my childhood, « my head in the trees or hands in the soil » to create jewellery using any interresting objects.

When I was eighteen I went to Bordeaux to continue my litterary studies and at the same time working in an antique shop.
I began collecting antique buttons, braids (galons) which I combined with recycles materials, vegetable materials and semi-precious stones to create jewellery.

My first collection made me collaborate in Paris with Olivier Lapidus and then exhibit in 1989 at the "Salon des Indépendants" in the Grand Palais: the Reveal !

I exposed my creations in chateaux classified as monuments where customers could enjoyed the unique creations as did the clients on a French Riviera as I beagn to expose in the luxury hotels and palaces from 2001. I created to measure unique models by widening the range: accessories for hair, jewels for swimsuits, beachwear, bags and sandals.

As the new millenium came, like a modern amazon, I do not surf on fashions but ahead of the wave without the shadow of a premeditation : I work on instinct in close contact with the materials, because my inspiration comes from the pirate treasure I'm cumulating in my workshop in Nice. Seeds, seedpods, driftwood, bark, dried orchids, halyard (driss) bits of tyres, feathers, fisherman's floates, horsehair, broken glass.... like a Prévert inventory!

Primary materials that I know inside out and that I don't hesitate to assemble to tell stories . My jewels carry meaning and emotion and have a special symbolic, sentimental and humianistic value.

corinne reinsch